Vulnerable Group Development

Vulnerable Group Development

Group formation with VWB Programme:

Within the first month of signing the contract, the decision to form a 20-25 member group for the VWB 2023-2024 cycle has to be finalized by collecting the list of beneficiaries from the Upazilla Parishad.

Assistance for VWB Beneficiary Group Formation / Participation in Economic Activities:

• Formation of VWB beneficiaries.

• The number of beneficiaries in each team will be 25-30.

• The main goal of team building is to provide basic training (objectives of the VGD program and the need and leadership of team building, the need for savings, the need for income generating activities for a better life).

Assistance in participation in economic activities:

• To formulate business plan by providing Entrepreneur Development Training (Income Growth Training Module-1) to improve the living standards of the beneficiaries.

Organizing field level training activities:

• The training venue is scheduled at any formal place (such as a union council, school or community center, etc.).

• Well-arranged drinking water, toilets and noise are kept free at designated places.

• The venue is selected one week before the start of training.

Venue management:

• The number of participants in each training is 25-30.

• Adequate seating materials (e.g. chairs, tables, etc.) are provided for the participants.Matt).

• One week before the start of the training, participants are informed about the place, time and date.

Trainer preparation:

• Collect the prescribed materials for training in the training manuals and modules of the trainers two days before the commencement of the training.

• Trainers must be present at the venue at least 30 minutes before the start of the training.

Qualifications and experience of trainers:

• Educational Qualifications of Instructors Bachelor's or Master's degree.

• Life skills and IGA skills training are provided separately by experienced trainers.

• Trainers need to adapt to a variety of environments.

• TOT By trainers are experienced.

• Trainers must have knowledge of income generating activities.

Practical or hands-on training:

• During the training, the trainers make the sessions more effective and educational by using practical or hand-held training methods. Such as - Instructor how to sow seed using backyard, seed quality, seed bed preparation, use of chemical / compost fertilizer etc.

TOT content:

• Orientation on project goals and objectives.

• Training cycle.

• Training methods.

• Communication.

• Trainers strategy.

• Use of training materials.

• Evaluation of participants.

• Evaluation of training materials.

• Monitoring training.

• Training follow-up.

• Orientation of module / manual.

• Display through instructors.

• Collecting and managing weekly savings from all VGD card holders.

Managing Savings Schemes:

Beneficiaries of Kachua and Chitalmari Upazilas (Bank Asia, Sonali Bank, Dutch Bangla Bank, Agrani Bank) have opened savings accounts.

The Women's Affairs Officer and we provide overall assistance to the beneficiaries in opening bank accounts, depositing savings and withdrawing.